Shattered Spires

Wererat Sewer Party

In which lycanthropy and a set of flying boots are bestowed upon the party

Resting for a while at the entrance to the sewers, Luna, given time to think, feels bad about their treatment of Alton and encourages her party members to let him go free or help them by choice. They give him one glove back and offer him gold for his assistance with finding the thieves’ guild and a way into House Thexidor. He agrees somewhat reluctantly to aid them.

Following Alton, they move from the main sewer path down into a stone hallway and through a wooden door into a large room. Across the room is a wooden door, and as they open it they fail to see Alton rush quietly back out towards the entrance and off into the night. He must have known something, as at that moment two goblins, one larger than the other, rush out towards the party, shouting something back over their shoulders.

Battle battle battle, two dead goblins.

Needing to rest some more, the party settles in for another rest. While taking her watch, Luna notices two giant rats scramble by, one of whom appears to be watching her intelligently.

Slightly rested, the party moves forward and into the room the goblins came from. They foil a trapped door with Veritas’ mage hand, and find themselves face to face with a dead end. Sensing that despite their inability to find a door there may still be one, Torro charges headlong into the wall and gets a large lump on his head for his trouble. Back in the goblin’s room, they see a stone dais with crude goblin graffiti emblazoned on the wall behind.  Moving to the other door, they find another hallway with an apparent dead end. Once more, Torro charges into the wall, this time emerging on the other side having smashed the false wall behind a bookcase. In this room, they find a mirror-image of the dais from the other room, and a long hallway through an arched passageway. Scouting down the hallway, they notice a sticky substance clinging to the walls, and Veritas recognizes it as a grey ooze, a corrosive semi-intelligent mass. Casting firebolts from a distance, Veritas chips away slowly at the ooze. Meanwhile, Luna spots the rats from earlier, and the one with the bright eyes beckons to her to follow. Questioning, Luna asks if the rats can help them, and the intelligent one nods in assent.

Luna and Torro head off behind the rats as Veritas finishes off the Grey ooze in short order and follows them. They are led back through the previous two rooms and through a stone door that spins around and leaves them in a branching hallway. They go left and enter a large room that smells faintly of urine. In the room, the rat with the intelligent eyes begins to morph and change before their eyes, transforming into a shifty looking halfling. He tells them he is Altes Ratcley, and that he's a wererat. This part of the sewer is where lives, stealing from the city, collecting treasures and hiding out with his brother Alton. Veritas informs him that his brother was the one who had led them there, leading them to believe it was the headquarters of the thieves’ guild and that he would be able to help them reach House Thexidor. Altes, though ornery and angered that they have stumbled on his lair, concedes he may be able to help them if they can clear out the stinking goblins that have overrun his living space. Meanwhile, Torro is standing fascinated by the idea of being able to transmogrify oneself into a rat or other creature at will, and asks Altes about how one might gain such an ability. Altes says that he could gift her with lycanthropy by simply biting her, and Torro seems torn, debating the merits of such a condition. He offers his arm up to Altes who moves to bite; at a glance from his companions, Torro pulls his arm away. Frustrated and worked up at the prospect of flesh, Altes pauses for a moment, as the party talks. Unable to contain himself he lunges towards Torro. Veritas, seeing this, casts sleep on the area, but only manages to put the rat on Altes’ shoulder and Torro to sleep. Altes finishes his lunge and sinks his teeth into the flesh of Torro’s arm, and the curse of lycanthropy takes hold. When cooler heads prevail, Torro is awake, feeling more limber and agile than ever.

Back in his “normal” state of mind, Altes accompanies them out through a series of rooms and hallways until they encounter a locked door. Veritas unlocks it and within they spot 3 goblins thinking themselves well-hidden in the darkness, along with a large, stoney-looking structure hanging from the ceiling. Suddenly the large structure, a disguised darkmantle, drops down to the ground and casts its Darkness Aura, enveloping itself and the three goblins in an impenetrably inky magical darkness.

Unable to track where the creatures are, the party hang back and close the door. They watch as the door implodes under strikes from the tentacles of the darkmantle and the goblins rush in towards them. A surely memorable battle ensues, from which our party emerges victorious, thanks in no small part to Altes who tore apart most of the goblins. Grudgingly thankful for the party’s assistance in clearing out the remaining goblins, he offers them a choice from among his treasures he’s acquired, and they select a pair of Winged Boots. He points them in the direction of the sewers that drain the Lords’ Hill, and offers them free passage through his lair.

Month of Reaping 6

Needing a good rest, the party leave the sewers and head back to the Dented Mug, for reasons yet undetermined. The place appears locked-up tight, with no sign of light—it being the early hours of the morning and all. Undeterred, they bang on the door, shouting for David to come and let them in. An irritated neighbour across the street greets them with a half-full privy bucket that Torro narrowly dodges. Sensing the futility of their knocking and unwilling now (at Luna’s urging) to smash down the door, they settle into the stables, with Luna taking first watch. As she stands guard, she sees Thomas at the back door of the Dented Mug, and he urges her, not unkindly, to leave. She rouses Torro and Veritas, and they make their way out of the city to camp out in a grassy field, away from prying eyes. While the other two sleep, Luna feels restless after her meditation and charges off to the forest to work off some energy stomping snakes. When she returns, the other two are awakening, and Veritas spends an hour practicing flying with his newly discovered boots.


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