Shattered Spires

Reyoris and the Bad Touch

In which our heroes learn that wizards are not always nice

As we last left the odd threesome of Luna, Torro and Veritas, they stood on the threshold of yet another door in the depths of the Tumbledown Boys’ stronghold. In a daring demonstration of the awe-inspiring adroitness of our champions, Torro fails to smash the door down and Veritas breaks off his lock-pick in the keyhole. Undaunted by this obstacle, they retreat. Retracing their steps, they enter a room that they missed earlier, and find themselves face-to-face with three giant rats who have claimed the dormitory space as their own. Flexing his not-at-all unexpected new powers, Veritas slaughters the first of the rats with a Chromatic Orb spell, extra crispy. Luna spears a second of the rats, while Torro uses his gift with animal handling to form a loving bond with the third rat, which ends like so many half-orc/rat love stories, with one smooshed rat.

Backtracking further, the trio pass by a caved-in room before returning to the hallway with a closed portcullis. Using some boulders from the cave-in and a modicum of ingenuity, they can allow the three of them entrance into the unexplored room, where they find a small desk, with a ledger of all the Tumbledown Boys’s names, plans, funds, etc. Through a small passageway they enter a larger room with a large cistern in the centre, from which emerges a mottle-skinned Sahuagin in a damp, gold-fringed cloak. A tense standoff ensues. Unable to communicate directly with the aquatic humanoid, Luna communicates ideas of freedom and the outside, and the Sahuagin darts by, down the hallway, and out the open entrance.

Along the back wall of the cistern room, yet another portcullised door is found. Scrambling around with some rocks and levers once more, they manage to make their way to the next room. Two more tadpole creatures were slinking about them in the next room, and Veritas managed to surprise one of them with a firebolt, before running and hiding behind the comforting bulk of Torro, who was none too pleased to be treated as a half-human meat shield, particularly when it put His Pony at greater risk. In short order, the two tadpoles were disposed of, and, judging the threat eliminated, Torro cracked Veritas a good one in the face. Words were had, and Veritas learned, presumably, that when half-orcs are involved, discretion isn’t always the better part of valor. A short rest, a flagon of ale apiece, and hurt feelings and busted lips were mended. Additionally, at the bottom of a large, empty barrel, a key was discovered.

Plunging once more into the depths of the stronghold, Luna, Veritas and Torro returned to the locked door, behind which they could hear whispers. Using his mage hand cantrip, Veritas took the key and opened the door for Torro and Luna, who entered the next room to find an female elf, dressed in a catsuit, muttering to herself. Incoherent, she couldn’t be reasoned with and drew her bow to attack. Luna charged with her horn while Torro worked himself up into a rage. Suitably fired up, he attacked and missed, while Veritas staggered her with a lightning orb. Luna took the opportunity to club her unconscious with her hooves.

With her incapacitated, Veritas—in a totally not creepy or weird way at all—searched her and shackled her to the manacles in the previous room. Leaving her for the moment, they head back in and discover the treasure room of the Tumbledown Boys. Within, they find a variety of treasure: 2000 cp, 1100 sp, 60 gp, a copper chalice with silver filigree, two gold lockets with portraits inside, two sets of engraved bone dice, a bag of holding, and a roiling blue and black orb, glowing with internal luminescence. Astutely, they decide not to touch the orb and carefully cover it. Torro removes one of the portraits from the lockets and replaces it with his drawing of Oatis, his beloved pig.

Back in the prison room, they awaken the slender elf woman. They manage to get her name, Lamorar Silkmoon, and they confirm that she was a member of the Tumbledown Boys, but the only other piece of information they receive is a name—Rethikajik. To gather more information, Veritas menaces her with the orb, and then touches it to her bare skin. Instantly, she is unconscious.

Thoughts turning to the bounty that Reyoris had mentioned, Veritas stuffs two bodies into his bag of holding and Torro gathers up some mangled tadpoles. As they exit the entrance to the cave, it is dusk, and so they camp out for the night.

During the first watch, while Luna meditated, Lamorar returned to herself and Torro and Veritas attempted to question her further. Puzzlingly mollified from her previous agitation, she provided little information.

Month of Reaping 4, 635 AW

Breaking camp, the party lashed Lamorar to Luna’s back and made tracks towards Torker Shoals, uneventfully.

Arriving on the outskirts of town, they receive instruction from one of the guards to seek the Reeve of Torker Shoals at City Hall to collect the bounty. There they are greeted by the peevish reeve Tavish, who offers them 10 gp per Tumbledown Boy body. After much arguing and the not-so-convincing appearance of Veritas’ alter-ego Sir Roland Delcastle, Tavish was unwilling to waver from the price offered by his liege, Lord Delquin. Trying to gain more leverage, Veritas mentioned the ledger they had found. Tavish conceded this may be of interest to Lord Delquin, but it would take three days for information to travel back and forth from Chellith and for a decision to be made. Unsatisfied with this, the party requests that Tavish send word to Lord Delquin that they will be visiting him in person to discuss their payment.

Next stop, the Howling Imp. There the party finds Old Tom once more at his place behind the bar. After several meads and shots of a foul-smelling liqueur from behind the bar, Veritas is shit-faced and Old Tom leaves to be replaced by Reyoris and his signature floppy red wizard’s hat. Pleased that they had returned, he demanded the return of the orb. They attempted to bluff him that they hadn’t found any such item, he used detect thoughts to uncover the truth. Luna offered a lock of her mane to Reyoris in lieu of the orb, to which he coldly replied, “If I wanted your mane I would already have it.” Sensing a threat to His Pony, Torro attempted to grab Reyoris by the throat, while Luna tried to talk him down. Grasping the half-orc across the bar, Reyoris used his shocking grasp to send the man-beast sprawling. Cowed, Veritas hands over the orb and pleads for information regarding the whereabouts of the Grammite agent they have been chasing. Benign once more, Reyoris confirmed that the man had passed through Torker Shoals and headed north towards Chellith. Veritas broached the possibility of Reyoris teleporting the party there to save them time, and before they have a chance to discuss it they appear outside the walls of a great walled city, and Torro promptly vomits on the ground.

They walk along the outer perimeter of the city until they come to a relatively small closed gate. They holler up at the lone guard and he takes pity on them and yields them entrance. Heading down a darkening street, they find themselves in a rather slummy part of town, and make their way to the Dented Mug, a quiet, not totally grimy establishment on a side street. Within they question David, the bartender/proprietor(/pimp?), with Veritas under the guise of Sir Roland Delcastle once more. This time, in front a poor rube commoner instead of a fastidious reeve, he’s a touch more convincing, and has David offering all he had to the “noble,” including his wife Darcy and his son Thomas. His wife, drawing the short straw, gave Torro a bath and braided his hair. As night set in, Torro and Veritas were heading upstairs to sleep and Thomas was leading Luna out to the stables, after David filled them in on the location of The Lords Hill, where Lord Delquin of the Eight Lords resides.


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