Shattered Spires

Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers

In which our heroes find themselves embroiled in sexy noble intrigue (and your humble narrator finds himself forgetting much)

Month of Reaping 5

Rising early in the morning, the party reconvenes in the main room of the Dented Mug. David tries to hustle his guests out the door—don’t let the door hit your ass—while trying to maintain the decorum and courtesy due to a nobleman. He points them in the direction of the Lords’ Hill.

Heading out into the street, Torro, Luna and Veritas cut a wide swath through the crowds, with the masses affording their due respect and yielding space to a half-orc, a half-elf and a unicorn(!?). Unfortunately, in every crowd there will always be someone who won’t be happy with just standing by and staring; in this case, it was a belligerent orc seeking to show his dominance over Torro, the lowly half-orc. Throwing his burly shoulder into Torro’s, the orc then makes an obscene remark about Torro’s mother. Enraged by this affront, Torro is ready to tear the orc limb from limb, and starts by delivering a blistering punch to the mouth, but the approach of a group of armed city watchmen is enough to get all parties to back down and disperse. “Sir Roland Delcastle” uses his noble charms to convince one of the watchmen to escort them to the Lords’ Hill, though he is rather reluctant and eager not to be seen. As they approach the inner gate marking the entrance to the Lords’ Hill, the guard considers his duty to Sir Delcastle fulfilled and turns tail back to his patrol area.

At the gate, Veritas once again successfully fools the guard at the gate with his disguise, but when he seeks entrance to see Lord Delquin is put off to the castellan of the Lords’ Hill, Sir [INSERT NAME HERE], a large man with a wild mane and beard of bushy red hair. Challenging Veritas on his knowledge of Lord Delquin, he becomes suspicious when Veritas states that last time he was in town, Lord Delquin lived elsewhere, since Lord Delquin lives in his ancestral family home, where House Delquin has lived since the founding of Chellith in the year 45 AW. Now wary of Delcastle, his bodyguard and his “mount,” Sir [INSERT NAME HERE] nevertheless escorts them across the grounds to Delquin Manor, a large stone mansion. Leaving the party to wait out front, Sir [INSERT NAME HERE] heads around back to seek Lord Delquin. He returns with a retinue of four armed guards, and not so kindly escorts the three inside. After passing through a grand entryway, they turn right into a receiving chamber where Lord Wisym Delquin sits on a raised chair looking down on them. They see a broadly built man who would be powerful and strong were it not for what is clearly a childhood deformity that left his back twisted and curved.  He is otherwise handsome, with close-cropped dark hair and a finely manicured beard.

Lord Delquin is clearly quite irritated that the party decided to bother him with seeking a bounty that could very easily have been dealt with by his dutifully appointed reeve Tavish. He is also fully aware that Veritas’ claim of lordship in Latticeport is hogwash. He accepts the ledger from the group, but indicates that this now makes them even; he will accept it in trade for what he sees as their needless wasting of his time. After some argument, the party begins to see things his way, aided by the presence of four halberds at their necks. Veritas pleads with Delquin for information regarding the Grammite agent, and Delquin calls his castellan forward. He speaks a few words to him, and Sir [INSERT NAME HERE] walks back to the party, and requests that they surrender their weapons, as Lord Delquin would like a word in private with them. They acquiesce, and the castellan and guards leave the room.

Changing his demeanor slightly, Delquin admits to the group that there is something they can help him with; he is in love, but cannot currently hope to wed the one he wants. She is the eldest daughter of House Thexidor, the one Elvish family among the Eight Lords. They have fallen in love with one another, but her family forbids any such marriage of their daughter to a non-elf. Humans, so short-lived and erratic, are not seen as suitable mates. In the time since the founding of Chellith, the head of House Thexidor has only changed twice, compared to thirty-odd times for the other seven Houses; a half-elf lineage would be a dilution of the family line.

She is now being held cloistered within the walls of her family home, and Delquin requests that the group help him stage an abduction of his beloved, so that they may be married, after which, he hopes, House Thexidor will have no choice but to accept it. He lets them know that if they are caught, he will deny any knowledge of their plan, and to keep up this appearance they are to be thrown off the grounds of the Lords’ Hill. He tells them that he will get word to her tomorrow that they will be there through the night and that they are to make for Torker Shoals when they have liberated her. If they are successful, he will grant them full access to his city guard both in Chellith and Torker Shoals in their hunt for the Grammite.

The party agrees to his terms and leaves the hall, where Sir [INSERT NAME HERE] and his four guards roughly marshal them back out to the street and toss their confiscated weapons at their feet.

To do some reconnaissance, the party heads around the city to the other side of the Lords’ Hill, where House Thexidor resides in a dark forest grove. They can only see the outer wall and the gate from where they are, but as they are watching they notice a lightfoot halfling that appears to be keeping an eye on them. Luna tries to talk to him, but he spooks easily and darts off into a nearby alley. Rounding the corner, Veritas casts sleep and the halfling drops to the ground. Torro, Luna and Veritas approach his sleeping body, when they hear a noise at the mouth of the alley, and turn to see the orc from earlier that day sporting a bruised and bloodied lip, along with two orcish companions, looking for revenge. Javelins are thrown, greataxes hefted, blessings bestowed, and orcs. Emerging victorious, the three awaken the sleeping halfling and demand an explanation.

Jittery, shifty, and possibly tweaking, [INSERT OTHER NAME HERE] admits eventually that he is a member of the local thieves’ guild who had been hired by the orcs to arrange an ambush in the alley. After some cajoling and the looting of all his goods (which includes a pair of halfling-sized gloves of swimming and climbing, a rapier, daggers and a short bow), he agrees that he will help them navigate through the sewers to the thieves’ guild headquarters to help them reach the Lords’ Hill undetected.

They make their way to a culvert blocked by rusted-out steel bars, which Torro makes short work of, bending them apart wide enough for all to enter, and they stop for a rest.


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